The Instructor recommends

Here at The Instructor Podcast I get to speak and work with some wonderful people. It's only fair that I share some of my top recommendations for driving instructors.  Below you'll find some of the companies and people that I endorse.  This is by no means a comprehensive list and will have regular new additions. If you'd like to be recommended on this page, please get in touch. The chances are that you're already scheduled. 

Diane Hall of 'L of a way to Pass' is an ADI & Therapist Specialising in test nerves for ADIs/PDIs & Learner Drivers. Diane runs workshops up and down the country and I recently had the pleasure of attending one. My immediate thought upon driving home was that the workshop is going on my recommendation page!

I was thoroughly impressed with the amount of information provided, although it was often some of the more subtle tips and tricks that have proved most useful to me! There are things that I have taken away from this course that are already helping my learners, not least remembering their left and rights.

The biggest take away for me though was their desire to fulfill the wants of the participants. At the start of the session, they asked what we would like to achieve and strive to tick every box. 

On a personal note, I have found Diane supremely helpful and the after care Diane and her husband Chris provide is quite exceptional. 

If Diane runs a workshop near you, just do it. If it's not near you, then travel and do it!

You can find access to all of Diane's goodies by clicking here

The Guild of Mindful Driver Trainers is led by San Harper who is a driving instructor and MindfulnessUK trained teacher who specialises in Mindfulness and Compassion in Driver Training. San not only teaches Mindfulness and Compassion, it has permeated every aspect of her life from using a mindfulness based approach to her driver training to devising and delivering Mindfulness courses for corporate global teams online.

San is also an active member of the Mindful Workplace Community which forms part of the Mindfulness Initiative; a think tank for Mindfulness interventions from the workplace to schools.

I have worked with San and enjoyed every moment of it. Not only is San incredibly knowledgeable and skilled, but she is also a smashing human being who recently delivered an excellent presentation at the ADINJC and Intelligent instructor expo. 

Learning from San has given me more tools to use as a driving instructor, including the simplicity of offering the learner drivers space to talk and the ability to conduct a short grounding session at the beginning of a driving lesson.  Plus it's also helped me relax more before, during and after lessons. My days are now much less stressful!

You can find visit the website: or check out San on Social via Facebook and LinkedIn