Spotlighted epiosodes

Chris Bensted was my first guest that came as a suggestion from someone else and we'd never spoken before. However, Chris's approach to working with both driving instructors and learner drivers immediately grabbed my attention. He actually volaclised a lot of the stuff I was too scared to, a prime example being not teaching MSM, instead teaching look, tell, do. 

As we spoke further we delved into the DITC, what it was and what it isn't. It isn't an association. It is a sign posting platform for the industry. A mighty fine one too. Some people refer to it as a middle man, possibly said in a derogatory fashion,  but Chris's eyes light up at this. That what it, and he, is. 


As the Instructor podcast grew and developed, Chris was kind enough to join for a weekly news segment and has since become both a friend and supporter of the show. If you haven't already listened to Chris's episode, do it now. Then go and check out the DITC.