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Bob Morton was the first ever guest on The Instructor Podcast and has gone on to become a real supporter and of the show, appearing on Green Room Episodes and featuring on The Instructor Podcast Premium on 'The standards check checklist' and 'Coaching Questions'. 


In this first episode of show, Bob recalls how coaching was first introduced into the driving instructor industry and how he initially thought it was just another fad and tells a story about how he witnessed an ADI put a student into a dangerous situation and explains why he thinks that was what made the DVSA stick the course this time.

He explains how we shouldn’t be just letting the learner do whatever they want to do, but we should be encouraging them to take an active role in their learning.

There’s stories and examples of instructors on standard checks who failed for not putting the needs of the student first.

When asking a student what they want to practice on that lesson and the student replies with “You’re the instructor, you tell me!” you’ll find tips on how to handle that situation while remaining client centred and using coaching.

How to avoid using judgemental language such as “What can we do to make that better?” and instead talk about outcomes or asking what could be done different.

You might be a good instructor, but that doesn’t mean you’re good at coaching.

Bob also goes in depth into how the word why generates a defensive response and what we can use in its place.

Other topics we cover include:

  • The old part 3 test and how the new standards check differs.

  • How the driving test is still a fault based system, but we shouldn’t be coaching that way.

  • Appropriate words.

  • Alan Shearer.

  • Lesson prices.

  • How to interact with potential customers.

Coaching is essentially about getting the learning out, rather than getting the learning in. Most learners will already have a knowledge of how to drive. They spend time in taxi’s, with parents and on public transport.

Yes, some of their ideas may need a bit of a nudge, but let them learn.
It was great talking to Bob on this first episode of The Instructor podcast. Many thanks to him for joining me.

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Chris Bensted was my first guest that came as a suggestion from someone else and we'd never spoken before. However, Chris's approach to working with both driving instructors and learner drivers immediately grabbed my attention. He actually volaclised a lot of the stuff I was too scared to, a prime example being not teaching MSM, instead teaching look, tell, do. 

As we spoke further we delved into the DITC, what it was and what it isn't. It isn't an association. It is a sign posting platform for the industry. A mighty fine one too. Some people refer to it as a middle man, possibly said in a derogatory fashion,  but Chris's eyes light up at this. That what it, and he, is. 


As the Instructor podcast grew and developed, Chris was kind enough to join for a weekly news segment and has since become both a friend and supporter of the show. If you haven't already listened to Chris's episode, do it now. Then go and check out the DITC.