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The 'Listen & Learn' tier gives you access to over 75 hours worth of audio and video content, aimed to help you become a better ADI and run a better driving school.


Even better, you can sign up for a free weeks trial! 


If you like what you see, you can stay on for £10 a month, or leave whenever you want.


Here's what you'll get:


  • The full back catalogue of exclusive shows, currently there's over 160
  • New exclusive shows added monthly
  • Exclusive discounts


This is the perfect way to enhance your CPD and develop as a driving instructor.


You'll find some of the exclusive shows below:

There's more than just awesome content...

The Instructor Podcast has teamed up with some amazing businesses to off some exclusive discounts for Premium members:


Who is the Instructor Podcast Premium for?

When I decided to invest in myself and try to develop both personally and professionally, The Instructor Podcast AND Premium are things that I would have loved to have had access to. 

And that's why I created it. 

I've made this into something I wanted 3 years ago in the hope that other PDI's and ADI's who want to develop now, have access to all these amazing resources. Whether you want to work on your business, health, work/life balance, coaching, we have you covered. 

A month in Premium gives you access to an impressive back catalogue of expert content, that continues to expand. 

For £10 a month a think I've created something for driving instructors that is greatly beneficial. And if you disagree and don't like the resources I provide, you can simply cancel your subscription.