Driving Instructors to Vision Zero

One Minute Driving Instructor Tips

A new podcast offering tips to help you become a better ADI/PDI and run a better business. 

Ideal for when you don't have time for an epic hour long Instructor Podcast episode. 

Episode Back Catalogue:


The Instructor Podcast has been running since April 2021 and within that period I've released over 100 hours of free CPD for driving instructors and driving school owners. 

Not only do we have the regular Sunday episode where I talk to Leaders, Experts, Innovators and Game Changers, but there are also 'Short Lessons' - 5 minute clips to provide a midweek boost if inspiration and information.

There's also The Green Room, where I'm joined by regular co-host Chris Bensted as we tackled the latest news and hot topics within the driving instructor industry.

You can check out the full collection of episodes here: 

The PDI Collection:


That's a lot of free training right? 

Don't worry, I've also created some very special playlists for specific episodes, starting with the PDI collection. So if you're training to be a driving instructor, or you're considering the profession, the below episodes are perfect listening for you. 

Find a quiet place to listen, get your note pad and pen ready, and start make a start.

The Green Room: All latest news and industry specific topics


Chris Bensted of The DITC (The Driving Instructor and Trainers Collective) created a small news segment for each episode throughout season one. And it's from that acorn that the mighty Oak, The Green Room grew!

Named after the colour of our badge and the room all the celebrities wait it on talk shows, The Green Room covers industry specific topics such as; Standard checks, Coaching and the theory test as well as tackling all the latest news from the DVSA and beyond. 

The current format of the show see's Chris Bensted join me on the last day of the month, with the occasional appearance from awesome contributors, including; Emma Cottington, Sarah Baldock and Bob Morton.

Further listening:


The Instructor Podcast isn't the only podcast in the driving instructor industry, there's a few others I'd recommend either for fellow driving instructors or your learners.