What is The Instructor Podcast?


Established in April 2021, The Instructor Podcast is aimed at driving instructors who want to improve.

That could be improving your business, your finances, your health or even your work-life balance. 

Every week I talk to different experts, leaders, innovators and game changers to see what we can learn from them. I'm joined by people from inside and outside the industry, people who can offer a different view or new ideas.

So whether you want to learn more about coaching, managing your business, mindfulness, marketing, social media, or a variety of other topics, with over 100 episodes, The Instructor Podcast is a must listen for all driving instructors.

The Instructor Podcast is always looking for ways to develop and offer more. That's why we created 'Instructor Podcast Premium' full of bonus content, including:


  • Standard check checklists, where we breakdown the standards check one competency at a time 

  • Alternative routes, where we look at different ways we can run our driving schools 

  • And we have an awesome selection of guest podcasts featuring the likes of Bob Morton and San Harper.


To find out more, click here, or to sign up, use the button below!