What is a podcast?


A podcast is basically an audio recording that you can listen to anywhere at anytime. Think of a radio show that you've recorded and want to listen to. That's a podcast in it's simplest form. 


How can I listen? 


Generally the easiest way to listen is via a mobile phone. There are apps on there that are specific for podcasts. For an iPhone, you'll be able to use the apple podcast app, for others you might want to use Google or sSpotify. But there are loads of apps, so find the one that suits you best. When you've found one,  search for the podcast you want, download and listen. 


You don't have to use a mobile phone though, you can use a computer or any form of tablet. You don't even need to use an app. For example, on this website you can click on any of the episodes and listen from there. That works on mobile, tablet, laptop or PC. 


Do I have to subscribe?


No. But there is a big benefit to subscribing to a podcast. When you subscribe, every time that podcast releases a new episode, it will go immediately into your chosen podcast platform., which is really helpful. For example, The Instructor Podcast releases episodes every Sunday, but now and again I drop a bonus episode on a Friday or Saturday. If you subscribe, you'll get these automatically and won't need to go searching. 


Why should I pay for premium?


You don't have to pay for anything. The Instructor podcast itself will always be free. However, it does take a lot of time to create, not just the recording, but editing and promoting too. So for me to produce all the content I want, I simply have to have a fee. £10 a month for an impressive amount of additional content that provides driving instructors with CPD, new ideas, companionship, a genuine safe space away from social media is pretty good value. 

Plus there's the option to make requests for special episodes or exclusive content for premium members. 

To find out more about The instructor Podcast Premium, click here

If you sign up and decide that you're not getting value for money, or that it's simply not for you, it's really easy to cancel.


Does this count as CPD?


Yes. CPD is continuous personal/professional development and every time to listen to an episode on The Instructor Podcast you are investing time into your own development. This could be looking at ways to improve your driving school as a business, how to develop your coaching skills or work on your physical/mental health.

You can always invest even more into your development by signing up for the Instructor Podcast Premium where there is even more awesome content to help you develop.