Do you want to take your development to another level?


*This tier of the membership is currently limited to 75 members*


If so, the Interactive Tier is for you.


For only £22 a month you get everything available in the lower tiers, plus:

  • The full back catalogue of Expert Sessions
  • At least one new Expert Session Every quarter
  • 4 live Problem Solving sessions every month
  • The opportunity to watch shows recorded live
  • Join in on selected episodes, including The Green Room & Episode Dissections

Expert Sessions:

Expert Sessions are masterclasses delivered by experts in their field. These will be a mixture of presentations, Ted Talks and Q&A's, depending on the guest. They will be focussed around the 3 core principles of The Instructor Podcast:


  • Business
  • Health

Expert Sessions are at least every quarter, here's what we've had so far:


  • How to teach roundabouts with Chris Bensted
  • What we can do to manage learners test day nerves with Kev & Tracey Field
  • Tax: You're questions answered with Dave Shannon
  • Safeguarding with Neil Wightman
  • Rapport with Ray Seagrave
  • Questioning techniques with Phil Cowley
  • Mind Mapping with Emma Cottington
  • Lesson Planning with Lee Spary


All these sessions are recorded and stored so Premium members can return to them at any point. 


You can sign up to the Expert Sessions here. 

Expert Sessions are available on the 'Interactive tier' of The Instructor Podcast Premium where, for only £22 per month, not only do you get the Expert Sessions, but you also gain access to 4 coaching rooms a month, the option to watch some podcasts recorded live, merchandise and a free 30 minute coaching call with host and creator Terry Cook. 

But that's not all - you'll also get the entire back catalogue of Premium shows and all the new ones!  You can find out more here.