When you sign up to The Instructor podcast Premium for £10 a month, you get a £10 a month discount on Bob Morton's Client Centered Learning training's. To check out Client centered learning, click here. Once you're a Premium member, you'll get an exclusive code to use when you sign up.

That's not all though, you also get a 16% discount with diary management app - GoRoadie Pro. You can check out GoRoadie here.

Both GoRoadie and Bob Morton have appeared on the show, you can check out their episodes here.


But don't just sign up for the discounts! There's so much content to help driving instructors develop their skills to improve their business and life. Not only do you get all the regular shows early and ad free, but you also get the opportunity to submit questions to upcoming guests. 

I also post a least 3 additional shows a month into the Premium subscription, these include:


  • The Standards Check Checklist - One of the most popular shows, where a trainer joins me to tackle one competency at a time a we break down the standards check. So far experts include, Bob Morton, Ray Seagrave, Lee Jowett and Chris Bensted. 
  • Alternative routes - This one has the biggest impact. Every month a share a different approach we can take with our business. It could be around what we offers learners, how we structure our diary or looking after our mental health. 
  • Tez talks - A guest expert creates a short 'Ted Talk' style presentation on their chosen topic. 
  • Coaching questions - We dive deep into coaching with world class coaches from inside and outside the industry. 
  • Shorts - I'm going through the back catalogue and turning full episodes into 20 minute shorts. These are excellent to go back over. 
  • Testing Times - Every month I review my driving tests for that month an reflect on what happened and could I have done differently. Going forward I'll also be giving Premium member the opportunity to join me on this recording. 

Who is the Instructor Podcast Premium for?

When I decided to invest in myself and try to develop both personally and professionally, The Instructor Podcast AND Premium are things that I would have loved to have had access to. 

And that's why I created it. 

I've made this into something I wanted 3 years ago in the hope that other PDI's and ADI's who want to develop now, have access to all these amazing resources. Whether you want to work on your business, health, work/life balance, coaching, we have you covered. 

I'm not an expert in everything, but a month in Premium gives you access to an impressive back catalogue of expert content, that continues to expand. 

For £10 a month a think I've created something for driving instructors that is greatly beneficial. And if you disagree and don't like the resources I provide, you can simply cancel your subscription.