Top 10 tips to pass your standards check - as suggested by AI

Published on 28 March 2023 at 14:44

I asked Chat GPT (an artificial intelligence platform) to create the top 10 tips for driving instructors to pass their standards check, and this is what it produced:


As a UK driving instructor, passing a standards check is essential to maintain your registration and continue teaching learners. However, it can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you're not sure what to expect. Here are the top 10 tips to help you ace your next standards check:


1. Be Prepared: Ensure that you have all the required documentation, including your ADI badge, valid insurance, and a road-worthy vehicle.


2. Know the Standards: Familiarise yourself with the Standards Check framework, including the competencies assessed and the marking criteria.


3. Practice Regularly: Conduct regular mock standards checks with your colleagues or experienced trainers to prepare in a safe environment.


4. Focus on Communication: Communication is key to being an effective driving instructor, particularly when explaining complex concepts. Ensure that you demonstrate clear and concise communication throughout the test.


5. Tailor Your Instruction: Always tailor your instruction to the individual learner’s needs to ensure they understand and progress in their learning.


6. Be Professional: Dress appropriately, arrive early and demonstrate your professional approach throughout the session.


7. Use Visual Aids: Use visual aids, such as diagrams and handouts, to enhance your instruction and improve understanding.


8. Maintain a Safe Environment: Safety is paramount, so ensure the vehicle is roadworthy, follow all safety procedures, and never compromise safety for anything.


9. Encourage Learner Participation: Encourage the learner to take an active role in the learning process through interaction and questioning to show they are engaged and understanding.


10. Reflect and Learn: After the standards check, reflect and learn from your experience, addressing any areas of improvement for the next check.


By following these tips and developing your skills as a driving instructor, you increase your chances of successfully passing your standards check and providing a high-quality learning experience for your learners. Remember that the standards check is developed to maintain high standards and ensure safety for learners, so embrace the process and use it to improve your skills as a driving instructor.


What do you think of the tips above? Do you agree? 

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Kerry Trotman
a year ago

Yes but there's not much time to use visual aids in a 45 min lesson as they prefer wheels moving.

Chris Bensted
a year ago


Craig Preedy
4 months ago

I think that's pretty good. Having a visual aid prepared for that moment when you might need to stop for 60 seconds or in your initial brief is a good idea. Visual aid could be as simple as a white board or pad and pen.