Driving Instructor Day and positivity

Published on 13 January 2022 at 18:02

Negative news is a lot more fun to talk about than positive news. 


Just scan the social media sites and you’ll see complaining, criticising and moaning more than anything else.


That often includes podcasts such as my own.


Th episodes I produce that cover a negative topic, tend to do better downloads that the ones that have a more positive tone. Oddly, they’re sometimes more fun to record too!


A personal goal of mine for 2022 is to try to be more positive. Even when things are going badly, there’s almost always some positive to take out of the situation. Example: I write this sat at home after another Covid related cancellation.


Definitely now a good thing. The bank account isn’t looking too pretty at the moment!


But, there’s still positives to be taken.


Yes, I may currently be at home not getting paid, but it does give me time to write this blog. As well as time to catch up on some website and podcast work. I’m also lucky that I have a home to sit in, a desk to work at and a computer to work on.


I really believe it’s important to take the positives out of every situation, whether that’s using a bad driver on the road as an example for one of your learners, of using a lesson cancellation as an opportunity to do something with your time.


And that brings me to Driving Instructor Day.


A day devised to celebrate the positives within the industry.


So obviously I shall begin be talking about the negatives! There will be people who lament the idea with questions like “Who gives you the right to decide this day?” and “What is there to celebrate?”


Well, I say let them say those things. Because I’ll be focussing on the good stuff.


I love our industry. I haven’t been in it for as long as some, but seeing and helping people develop every day is a genuine pleasure. And the gratitude that I get back is always awesome too. Whether it’s a thank you at the end of the lesson, someone’s Mum texting me to say thanks for making their kid feel comfortable or a hand made key ring. It’s all marvelous.


But it’s not just teaching people to drive or the thank you. It’s seeing them start to believe in themselves, seeing them out on the road once they’ve passed, random text messages with pictures of places they’ve driven.


And that’s just the learners.


Driving instructors can be a pretty awesome bunch too.


Since starting The Instructor Podcast I’ve come into contact with some truly wonderful people. People that have gone out of their way to help me. Instructors that have checked in on me to see how I’m doing. Instructors that send me messages of gratitude or share my stuff online. Plus I have people that want to pay for my subscription service – I can’t get a bigger compliment than that!


Every day when I visit Facebook, Twitter, TikTok etc there are driving instructors offering support to both students and other instructors.


So many positives.


And that’s the premises behind Driving Instructor Day on 16th March. To celebrate the industry.


Personally I’ll be taking the day off. Now I appreciate that not everyone can do that as you may have driving lessons and tests booked in. But I am hopeful that this becomes an annual event and a large portion of the industry take the day off. WE can have our own private bank holiday.


I’ll also be sharing some of the positives on social media. Anyone that does the same and uses the #DrivingInstructorDay will be retweeted/shared. The best photos/posts will end up on the website.


Imagine if we could get that #DrivingInstructorDay trending. Imagine the influences 40,000 driving instructors could have if we were sharing the same message.


You can find the Driving Instructor Day website here: https://www.drivinginstructorday.com

The Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/Drivinginstructorday

The Twitter account here: https://twitter.com/Instructorday


Take a look at the website, share the accounts and if you’d like your name added to the supporters page, there’s a form you can fill in.

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