There are all sorts of events that ADIs and PDIs can attend, put it's often difficult to know what's coming up, and how you can attend - hence The Instructor Events page. 


Here you'll find a list of events relevant to driving instructors throughout 2024 with links to book tickets of find out more information. 


There will be more events added as more details are released. 


You'll also notice events are colour coded:

Green = Significant to ADIs

Amber = Relevant to ADIs

Red = Not specific to ADIs, but still beneficial


If there is an event you think I've missed, please reach out, but I'm only including events that I think are appropriate. 



13th February

ADI WalkBack - Walk One



16th March

Driving Instructor Day

17th March

ADINJC Scotland Conference

18th March 

PACTS Spring Conference

22nd - 23rd March

MSA GB National Conference



16th April

EU Road Safety Conference

24th April

Beep Beep Day



12th May

Driving Instructor Convention

22nd May

Young Driver Focus



10th - 14th June

Project EDWARD week of action



9th July

RoadSafe Technology Live



Throughout August

Road Victims Month

7th August

The Instructor Meginar



29th September

ADINJC & Intelligent Instructor Expo



7th December

20's Plenty