Who am I to create a podcast, website and subscription service for driving instructors?


That's the same question I asked myself before I started. And it's a very good question. I'm someone who can bring experts from a host of different fields and get their opinion on the driving instructor industry. 

As someone who isn't the most experienced instructor, I can ask the questions that are relevant to people looking to develop and improve their skills. 

I'm also someone who is always looking to try new ideas and take a different approach. That's been a running theme of the show. "Why do we have to do it that way? Why can't we try this?"

And its that coupled with a varied background that has enabled me to produce such a wonderful podcast.

That and the fact I've had such awesome guests! 

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  • The 5 Minute Theory - bite sized chucks to help people learn and understand the theory test. 

  • Driving Test Tales - Discussing the driving test with those who've passed. Aiming to give learner drivers an insight into the driving test. 

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