I've changed my mind

Published on 17 March 2024 at 07:40

I used to think that ADIs should be attending as many road safety conferences as possible. 

I've changed my mind. 

While road safety events are an excellent opportunity to get valuable insights and meet interesting people, we have to be realistic. 

I'm a working ADI. 

As well as running The Instructor Podcast and all its incarnations, I also still deliver 20+ hours of driving lessons a week. So when I was looking into what road safety events I could attend, it dawned on me that with the finances involved with tickets, travel, accommodation, and time off, I could maybe afford two a year. 

And there are 4 or 5 different driving instructor-specific events a year. 

Which am I going to prioritise?


So should ADIs be attending road safety events?

Where possible, yes. 

There's some amazing people in that sector, and if you can, I'd really encourage you to get involved.

But if you need to prioritise the instructor-specific stuff, I get it.

And I've got you covered. 

Today sees the release of the first episode of Season 7, and the theme is all around road safety and how we can bridge the gap between the driving instructor profession and the road safety sector. 


RoadPeace's Head of Communications, Rebecca Morris, is first up this season as we discuss why don't ADIs embrace the road safety sector?


And why doesn't the road safety sector embrace us?


It's a fascinating question that I'm hoping to answer on this season of The Instructor Podcast. 

We also get stuck into:

  • The role of RoadPeace
  • How driving instructors can utilise RoadPeace resources
  • Why we shouldn't use the term accident to describe a collision

Access RoadPeace resources here.  

I'm also joined by Stewart Lochrie for a brief chat as we take a more general look at road safety within driving tuition. 

Stewart is the founder of Bright Coaching and I'm delighted to welcome Bright Coaching on board as the sponsor for Season 7. 

You can find out more about Bright coaching here.  

Have and excellent Sunday and stay safe,

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