How bad is your dad?

Published on 15 April 2024 at 08:22

The youth like to make their voices heard right?

So why don't they have that same vocalised response for bad driving?

It's something I've been pondering since recording with Olly Tayler of The Honest Truth. 

I joked about starting a 'How bad is your dad?' campaign.

However the more I consider it, the more seriously I'm thinking about it!

The episode with Olly Tayler is out today and it's not what you'd expect. 

Olly explains why ADIs are the most under-utilised resource within the road safety sector and I push him for an answer to the question; "Why is there a gap between ADIs and the road safety sector?"

His answer doesn't disappoint. 


We also discuss The Honest Truth. 

An excellent app available to ADIs and PDIs for £7.50, although there are ways for you to get it cheaper, and free!

Register at The Honest Truth to see if you're in an area that provides funding, you may be eligible to get the app for free. 

Bright Coaching also offers The Honest Truth to its members, free. 

The Instructor Podcast Premium is in discussions to get you a discount should you not be in an eligible area. 


I'm delighted to announce that Instructor Podcast Premium members now get a huge discount on membership to the ADINJC, that's on top of all the other amazing benefits available to members, including a £10 monthly discount on Bob Morton's Client-Centred Learning. 

Have a great day 

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