How much responsibility should ADIs take for the actions of their students post test

Published on 28 April 2024 at 10:25

He was furious I'd stopped him

That was the response of John, who James Luckhurst had stopped for doing 40 in a 30mph zone. 

Kate had a different response. 

She wasn't really that bothered. If anything Kate and her passengers found it amusing. Kate had passed her driving test just a few weeks earlier. 

Two very different responses for the same offence. 

As driving instructors, how much responsibility do we take for this?

While we can't control what people do when they're outside of our car, we can certainly have influence, 

We sit in a one-to-one situation with them for (often) over forty hours so to pretend we can't exert any influence is disingenuous,  

One in five drivers crash within a year of passing their test and, I'll be completely honest here, I often worry about receiving that phone call. 

Perhaps it's time we dropped the attitude that we can't control what learners do on a test or once they've passed, and started asking the question; what can we do to help them not become a statistic?

That's partly what this season of The Instructor Podcast is based around.

James Luckhurst, today's guest, has a similar goal with Project EDWARD and its accompanying podcast.


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