But who will enforce it?

Published on 5 May 2024 at 19:01

Graduated Driving Licences. 

GDLs are almost as controversial as 'minors vs driver faults' or checking your mirrors in pairs. 

There are so many arguments against GDLs (please forgive the acronym, it's a lot to type!), most of which stem from not knowing all the details. 

Example: "But who will enforce them?"

Who enforces 30mph speed limits?
Who enforces not stealing our meal deal from Tesco between lessons?
Who enforces not punching Terry in the face for starting three sentences with the word 'who'?

Most laws or rules are enforced by the individuals.  

Think about all the laws you stick to without being forced. 

The same would apply to GDLs.

Would everyone comply?

Of course not. 

Not everyone adheres to every current law. But most of us do. And when we don't, we risk being caught by the police. 

Plus GDLs would often be policed by parents, partly because they would be forced to recognise some of the dangers. 

But, enforcement is just one of the concerns I put to Brake's campaign manager, Lucy Straker. The other's included; fairness, reduced experience and reduced job opportunities. 

We also looked into exactly what a GDL is, what measures could be applied, and the difficulties of getting it into a parliamentary debate. 

This episode will hopefully give you everything you need to know about GDLs and what ADIs can do right now to help fill in the gaps. 

And you can sign the petition for GDLs right here. 

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