What advice would you offer someone coming into the profession?

It's the one year anniversary of The Instructor Podcast! 

Of course there's a bonus episode to mark the occasion and who better to join me than the first ever guest: Bob Morton. 

I asked in my Facebook group what advice would you offer to those considering a career as an ADI. Myself and Bob reflect on the answers and share our thoughts!.

It's OK to talk about cancer - With Keith 'Woody' Woodward

Driving instructors aren't always the healthiest bunch. We spend a lot of time sat down, couped up, often eating crap and not getting the exercise we should. Today Keith 'Woody' Woodward, shares his experience with his own health issues, notably Cancer.

Short lessons #1 - Who sets the lesson goal: Bob Morton

Short lessons dives back into an older episode and offers a short burst of information. 

Aimed to give you a short weekday boost of inspiration, these will appear on Patreon early and more regularly that the regular podcast feed. 

Today Bob Morton discusses who sets the agenda for the lesson and why. 

Backstage Pass #3 - My schedule


Today I'm talking about my schedule and how my week is generally structured to incorporate driving lessons and all the podcast shenanigans! 



Driving with Confidence

Driving instructors and podcasting are two of my favorite things to talk about, so when I spotted a new podcast for learner drivers, I had to get them on the show!

The Driving Confidence podcast is hosted by Kev and Tracey Field and does exactly what it states - helps boost confidence and reduce nerves around driving and the driving test.


Testing Times #3 - March 2022


This month on Testing Times I'm talking through my driving tests in March and how I think I may be becoming a bit test focused. 


This is another monthly exclusive for my Premium subscribers, you sign up here.



The Green Room #17 - The rising cost of living/working as a driving instructor

The simple act of staying alive is becoming more expensive by the day, especially for driving instructors as fuel prices soar.

I'm joined by Bob Morton and Chris Bensted as we discuss:

  • Ways to reduce your expenditure
  • Why your main job role is running your business, not being a driving instructor
  • How to balance personal and professional development 
  • Just how much CPD can you get for £36

NASP and the three associations that make it

It's not often you get the three chair people of NASP in the same place for a public conversation, but today I'm lucky to be joined by Carly Brookfield of The Driving Instructors Association (DIA), Lynne Barrie of the Approved Driving Instructors National Joint Council (ADINJC) and Peter Harvey or The Motor Schools Association of Great Britain (MSAGB).

ADI Book Club - The Client centred driving instructor


The third edition of ADI book club, sees me joined by /sammie Taylor to discuss her book - The Client Centred Driving Instructor. 


Talking Technology with MyDriveTime and GoRoadie

A cracking conversation with two of the most honest, reliable and helpful resources for driving instructors as I'm joined by GoRoadie and MyDriveTime and we discuss:

  • How they keep data secure
  • Why apps are quicker and easier than paper diaries
  • Is competition a good thing?
  • And more...

Intelligent Instructor 2022

Richard Borges of Intelligent Instructor joins me to discuss what they have planned for 2022 including:

  • What awesome guests and events they have for the Expo in Kempton
  • Why the Coventry Expo will always be the main show
  • The variety of training they offer and how to get a discount
  • The Intelligent Instructor awards
  • And more...

Safeguarding and how to use your Spidey senses.

Possibly the most important episode I've recorded as Cath Knibbs joins me to discuss all things safeguarding including:

  • Warning sign students may be coming into harm
  • How to protect yourself as a driving instructor
  • Setting boundaries and expectations
  • Managing parents and GDPR
  • And more...

Backstage Pass #1

What goes into making The Instructor Podcast?

Excellent question! And in this bonus episode I tell you.

Backstage Pass is a new weekly show I've started over on my Premium subscription feed. I'll be sharing the occasional episode over here and thought it would be cool to share the first episode where I explain everything that goes on to create The Instructor Podcast.

Standards Check Checklist #4 - Lee Jowett

The standards check is not a tick box exercise, but, it does contain a series of competencies that we need to achieve in order to pass it successfully.

So in this series of discussions, we break down the standards check piece by piece.

In episode four, I'm joined by Lee Jowett and we dive into who we should take on a standards check and the fourth competence - Was the lesson plan adapted, when appropriate, to help the pupils work towards their learning goals?