The 5 Minute Theory Podcast.



An excellent resource for ADI's and PDI's to share with their students who are learning the theory test. Also a great way for driving instructors to brush up their own knowledge and be aware of questions their learners may be struggling with.


Driving Test Tales Podcast.



Driving Test Tales in another excellent resources for driving instructors to share wit their students as I talk to an eclectic mix of people about their experience with driving lessons, the driving test and even get some of their pet peeves! 


Are We There Yet?



The Project EDWARD podcast cast with the goal of making Every Day Without A Road Death, is an excellent way for driving instructors to keep up to date with all the latest goings on around road safety. The show also dives into technology, policing and learning to drive. 


The Driving Confidence Podcast



Whether you are a learner driver, a new driver or have been driving for years, this podcast will help you to beat driving nerves and anxiety and build your driving confidence. Another great resource for ADI's and PDI's to share with their learner, and potentially even use some of the techniques for Standard Checks.


Voices from the Road Podcast


Valerie Singleton presents an exciting new project in which James Luckhurst will seek to create and build a fascinating audio archive capturing the widest possible range of motoring memories – starting way back in 1932


KIT Podcast


The KIT Podcast (formerly DID Podcast) is designed to help the Driving Instructor Community develop their business skills, instructor skills, Mental Health and much much more.