Ray Seagrave is a regular contributor to The Instructor Podcast Premium,  joining me for the Standards check checklist and coaching questions shows.

Ray has also recently become the first person to complete the Tri-Coaching excellence in coaching course and has recently added 'mindset coach' to his portfolio of many talents.

Ray continues to help ADI's improve and become better coaches. 

Susan McCormack is the co managing director of Tri-Coaching partnership and has been in the driving instructor industry for over 30 years.

Susan passionate about the industry and coaching and alongside Graham Hooper, has gone on to make Tri-Coaching one of the most successful and popular CPD providers for driving instructors.  

Emma Morgan, AKA Little Miss Agile, is an agile coaching expert who's bold claim is that she can agilise anything! We will be putting this to the test in an upcoming Premium special!  Emma can help anyone achieve anything by helping you break it down and will also help you develop your mindset.

Emma is also the host of two successful podcasts: Crazy Ex Club and Decapod. Check them out, especially Decapod. She's also on a mission to dominate TikTok so be sure to give her a follow for wisdom and amusing content. 

Wellbeing Without the Wank, brought to you by Emma Mellor, helps stressed and overwhelmed people use simple but powerful techniques to find moments of calm every day.

(Being a single mum to five children Emma understands how hard it is to put your own wellbeing first.)

Debunking the myths that you have to be super spiritual and perfectly calm every minute of every day, Emma's bringing mindfulness, meditation, and breathwork to the anti-woo crowd.

A keen advocate of self love Emma will happily discuss why wanking for wellbeing is totally OK, but being wanky about wellbeing is not.

Rich Morley was ill for fifteen long years and eventually fixed his broken health and changed his life through authentic Tai chi. Rich went onto help other people heal themselves, became an international level Tai Chi instructor and the author of three books.


Rich continues to help people, not only with Tai Chi, but also through breath work and meditation. He continues to devise new ways to improve peoples life and give them more energy.

Bob Morton appeared on the first ever episode of The Instructor Podcast and you can listen to that here. We spoke all things coaching and it still remains one of my most popular episodes. Bob has also appeared on The Green  Room episode where we discussed instructor well being. 

Bob continues to work with driving instructors and PDI's, providing coaching, part 3 and standard check training. He offers one to one training and delivers standard checks workshops across the UK. 

As well as this Bob also offer his own subscription service, available at clientcentredlearning.co.uk.


Chris has appeared on several episodes of The Instructor podcast to promote the DITC and his collaboration with the Queerbox - a diversity training course. You can listen here

Chris is also a regular on The Green Room, keeping us up to date with the latest news within the industry.


The DITC is the signposting platform for the industry and was recently recognized for helping ADI's/PDI's during lockdowns with an award.


Sign up for the DITC at theditc.co.uk



Keir appeared on season one of the podcast and we did a deep dive into the mindset of learners, driving instructors and full licence holders. 


Keir works with personal trainers and others to help them build their business and improve their mindset, he also runs a podcast along the same theme, which you can find here


For Keir's free download, click here.

You can find Keir on Facebook.