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The Instructor podcast continues to run weekly episodes and is currently in it's fourth season. Below you can find all the previous episodes. Let us know which episodes you enjoyed the most (or least!) in the comments at the bottom. 

The PDI collection:

If you're a PDI or fairly new ADI then this collection is perfect for you. We start by diving into doing the job correctly - to where you can find like minded people  - to how you can improve. 

The mindset collection:

Below you'll find our mindset collection, so if you're looking to improve your attitude, or develop your mindset, this is a great place to start. 

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a year ago

I listened to the Green Room Pod yesterday and towards the end, a book was mentioned called B to A I think. I have looked for a link in the show notes and searched the internet but have been unable to find it, where can I take a look at this book?

Terry Cook
a year ago

Here is the link. From B to A: Part 3 and Standards Check