Road Safety


As driving instructors, do we create safe drivers? Do we have the conversations that can prevent collisions? Do we give our learners the experiences they need to become thinking drivers? 

Not only do these episodes tackle those questions, but they offer ideas and information to help you better prepare your students for a lifetime of driving. 

The Big Picture, and ADIs role within it

Why coaching and the GDE Matrix is key to road safety

Why don't ADIs embrace the road safety sector?

Road Safety isn't sexy... but it is important!

Why hands-free phones are just as dangerous as using a handheld phone

Caitlin's Campaign

How bad is your dad?

Campaigning for Road Safety: Where to start

How much responsibility should ADIs take for the actions of their students post test

Everything you need to know about Graduated Driving Licences

Road Safety GB

Do Something

Revolutionizing Road Safety: VR Insights for Driving Instructors

How can ADI's use DriveFit with their students?


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